Top 10 International Dividend Stocks to Watch

by: New Low Observer

Below are the top ten current and former International Dividend Achievers (ranked by dividend yield) that trade as ADRs on the New York Stock Exchange. I had to choose the top ten because there are over 40 international Dividend Achievers that are within 20% of the low. This list is based on Mergent's designation of companies that have had a history of dividend increases over "several" years in a row.

Symbol Name Price % from Low Yield
STD Banco Santander $10.15 10.69% 9.20%
NGG National Grid $40.54 3.10% 8.80%
AZN AstraZeneca $42.25 5.47% 8.10%
BP British Petroleum $42.95 5.76% 7.80%
BTI British American Tobacco $58.55 9.77% 7.40%
TEF Telefonica $57.37 5.36% 6.90%
TOT Total S.A. $46.63 8.27% 6.60%
RUK Reed Elsevier $27.99 5.74% 6.10%
TMX Telefonos de Mexico $14.07 8.23% 5.60%
GSK GlaxoSmithKline $33.46 4.07% 5.50%

Please be sure to calculate the payout ratios before buying these stocks. Payout ratios above 70% are cutting it close if you're not prepared for the potential risk. The stock symbols next to the company names take you directly to the history of dividend payments. As always, only buy these stocks if you're willing to accept 50% downside risk. Thanks again to the author of The Stock Market Advantage for the suggestion on including international dividend stocks to our universe.

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