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Below we highlight the best and worst performing leveraged ETFs/ETNs so far in 2010. The four best peformers are all short and in the commodity or currency asset classes. The double short agriculture ETN (NYSEARCA:AGA) is up the most at 52.01%, followed by two double short Euros (DRR and EUO), and the double short metals (NYSEARCA:BOM). The best performing double long ETF/ETN has been DGP (gold) with a gain of 24.32%. Real estate (NYSEARCA:URE) and consumer services (NYSEARCA:UCC) have been the best performing double long stock ETFs.

On the negative side, the double short silver ETF (NYSEARCA:ZSL) is down the most at -30%. The triple short smallcap stocks ETF (NYSEARCA:TZA) is down the second most at -28.8%, followed by the triple long energy stocks ETF (NYSEARCA:ERX) at -28.5%. If you're getting confused by all the doubles, triples, longs, and shorts, you're probably not alone. These things have been all over the place since they were introduced just a few years ago.

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