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Below we highlight the best and worst performing leveraged ETFs/ETNs so far in 2010. The four best peformers are all short and in the commodity or currency asset classes. The double short agriculture ETN (AGA) is up the most at 52.01%, followed by two double short Euros (DRR and EUO), and the double short metals (BOM). The best performing double long ETF/ETN has been DGP (gold) with a gain of 24.32%. Real estate (URE) and consumer services (UCC) have been the best performing double long stock ETFs.

On the negative side, the double short silver ETF (ZSL) is down the most at -30%. The triple short smallcap stocks ETF (TZA) is down the second most at -28.8%, followed by the triple long energy stocks ETF (ERX) at -28.5%. If you're getting confused by all the doubles, triples, longs, and shorts, you're probably not alone. These things have been all over the place since they were introduced just a few years ago.

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Source: Best and Worst Performing Leveraged ETFs/ETNs Year to Date