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The S&P 500 is still down 1.2% year to date, and four of the ten S&P 500 sectors are outperforming the overall index so far in 2010. Consumer Discretionary continues to show the most strength of any sector. It is up 9.34% on the year and remains 8.68% above its 200-day moving average. The Industrial sector is up the second most year to date at 6.23%, followed by Financials at 2.34%.

Telecom, Materials, Utilities, Energy, and Health Care have held the market back year to date. Telecom is down 9.44%, while Materials isn't far behind at -8.70%. The Energy sector is currently the farthest below its 200-day moving average at -6.21%. Along with Industrials and Consumer Discretionary, the Technology sector is the only other sector currently above its 200-DMA.

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