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There is a detailed and interesting new report out on online video (User Generated Video 2006 - 2007: Mania and Myth, AccuStream Media Research) with some fun factoids:

* User-generated video [UGV] will grow 50% year-over-year to 46-billion views in 2007
* YouTube and MySpace have 64.4% of the market

The 50% y-o-y growth is the real headliner. While that sort of figure is not totally surprising, it's still a Big Number. Consider: Normalize the 46-billion views in 2007 to a daily figure of 126,027,397 and then compare that to viewership on a typical cable network -- a popular cable news program like O'Reilly draws around 1,000,000 viewers per night -- and you begin to see the kind of mass-market that YouTube and its ilk are drawing.

As an aside, my favorite part of the report is a section titled "Google, Grouper, and Guba". Yes, I just like saying those three words one after another. And yes, I know that's childish.

Source: User Generated Video To Grow to 46 Billion Views in 2007