Simcere Pharma Ups Stake in Boda Pharma to 90%

| About: Simcere Pharmaceutical (SCR)

Simcere Pharmaceutical (NYSE: SCR) announced a transaction that will increase its ownership of Boda Pharma to 90%. Boda makes Yidasheng, an injectable edaravone drug for management of stroke. Yidasheng complements Bicun, another injectable edaravone drug that is Simcere’s mainstay product.

Simcere purchased its original 51% stake in Boda in September of 2007, paying $14.8 million. In the latest transaction, Simcere acquired 80% of Xiangao Investment Company Ltd, which holds 49% of Boda. The purchase price was not disclosed.

In 2009, the two edaravone stroke drugs contributed $109.2 million of Simcere’s $271 million of revenue, about 40% of the total. The company did not estimate how the transaction would affect its financial results.

Edaravone is a neuroprotective drug, administered following a stroke to protect the brain during reperfusion (a return of blood supply following stroke). It is an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, protecting against oxidative stress and apoptosis of neurons.

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