Cramer's Lightning Round - One of the Worst Stocks in the Dow (6/9/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Wednesday June 9.


Dendreon (NASDAQ:DNDN): "Dendreon I like longer term… so we are not worried… because we believe in the cancer vaccine… but you know what? This is another casualty of a very tough market… it will come back, I believe… I want you to stay in it."

Standard Pacific Corp (SPF): "I want you to buy more SPF… now let’s understand, everything is coming down… we could listen and listen and listen… the vast majority of stocks are coming down… Why do I like SPF? Because of the conference call… because of the fact that they are building homes again… because of the fact that they have got a better balance sheet… because it is a great speculative play on housing…I am going to continue to reiterate that I want people to speculate with one position… to keep their heads in the game."

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC): "...I prefer that one [to AMD], it is best of breed."


Alcoa (NYSE:AA): "I have got to tell you that I think Alcoa is probably one of the worst stocks in the Dow Jones Average… it has continually missed…I try to give the new guy the benefit of the doubt… they have not delivered… I am a sell, sell, seller of AA… the only double-A that I want is the battery kind."

Advanced MicroDevices (NYSE:AMD): "That does not pass my best of breed test…"

Yingli Green Energy (NYSE:YGE): "Nope, we do not solar, we do not China… and I have got to tell you, we are recommending the sell of Yingli… and the sell of all solar based companies… no government has enough to be able to subsidize them anymore."


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