Dow 2006: Shades of 2003? Let's Hope It Ends That Way

Includes: DVY, IYY
by: TickerSense

So we're 223 trading days into 2006, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is currently up 15.16% year to date. As coincidence has it, we looked 223 trading days into 2003 and found that the DJIA was up just 22 bps more at that time. While the Index took different routes to get to the 15% point in both years, we thought it was worthwhile to point out the similarities in the gains.

And as an optimistic sign for bulls, let's all remember the climb we saw in the last 29 trading days of 2003 -- a further gain of 8.62% to leave the Dow up 25.32% for the year.

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dow 2003 vs. 2006