Searching for a Chinese energy play?

| About: Yanzhou Coal (YZC)

Here is one suggestion from Business Week:

....One of the risks of far-flung markets with poor regulation is a lack of dependable financial data. An exception to that rule in China is Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. (ticker: YZC), which is listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai and has an actively traded ADR on the NYSE. Its stock price has risen 20% in the past 12 months. Yanzhou serves big customers at home, such as Shangdong Power & Fuel Co. and Shanghai Baoshan Iron & Steel, and it has a thriving export business to Japan. "At this stage, China needs to power growth, and coal is about the only energy source they have," says Michael A. Marusiak, a portfolio manager at Principal Global Investors in Singapore.

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YZC's stock market performance: