Author Update On MCig And Turn Your Cash Into Vapor

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The author updates readers on his views on mCig.

Dear Readers,

After publishing a piece on mCig, Inc. I was contacted by CEO Paul Rosenberg, who raised a few concerns with respect to my claims about the company, its products, and my analysis of their targeted industry.

Following a productive exchange with mCig, Inc., I was able to see the differences between the mCig 2.0 and the devices I had originally compared it with.

While I maintain that mCig is extraordinarily overvalued by the conventional metrics that I regularly use to value investment opportunities, the primary product (the mCig 2.0) was only launched 60 days ago, indicating that the company's story is still in its infancy.

I will continue to conduct followup due diligence and re-evaluate the true extent of the overvaluation once I am able to quantify their results after several quarters of growth and reported figures.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by my exchange with mCig management and can see the clear difference between this company and Vape Holdings who would not engage me in any dialogue.


Charles Moscoe

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