Apple: 3 Million iPads in 80 Days

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The Apple iPad sales just keep ramping. The company said that it has sold 3 million iPads in 80 days.

That tally eclipses most expectations going into the iPad laClick to enlargeunch.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) also said developers have created 11,000 iPad specific apps. The iPad cycle combined with the launch of the iPhone 4 are both expected to contribute to the best product cycle in Apple history.

Chris Whitmore, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, said the iPhone and iPad upgrade cycle is unrivaled. He added:

Apple is beginning the strongest product cycle in the company’s history, led by the iPad and iPhone 4 release later this week. iPhone demand is off the charts (600K+ pre-orders on first day) and iPad uptake remains strong; both appear to be tracking ahead of our previous expectation.

Regarding the iPad, Whitmore said:

iPad continues to show robust demand as order lead times remain extended at 7-10 days and stock-out across Apple’s retail footprint continue through June despite improving supply. In addition, the iPad is still being rolled out globally, which should drive improving 2H unit trends. As a result, we raise our iPad unit estimate to 12M from 5M for CY10 and 17M (vs. prior 7.5M) for CY11.

Indeed, it appears that iPad sales may actually be accelerating. It only took Apple 21 days to sell 1 million incremental iPads.

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