Predicting Stock Prices: Textron May Grow To $45 In May

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We have developed a statistically reliable share price model for Textron based on the consumer price index of transportation services and the index of pets, pet products and services.

The model foresees a positive correction to $45 in May 2014.

The model standard error is $4.20 since July 2003, that corresponds to the level of inter-month price fluctuations.

Here, we model the evolution of Textron's (NYSE:TXT) stock price. TXT is a company from the industrial goods sector which "operates in the aircraft, defense, industrial and finance businesses worldwide." The model has been obtained using our concept of stock pricing as a decomposition of a share price into a weighted sum of two consumer price indices (CPIs). The background idea is a simplistic one: there is a potential trade-off between a given share price and goods and services the company produces and/or provides. For example, the energy consumer price does influence the price of energy companies. Let's assume that some set of consumer prices (or relevant consumer price index - CPI) drives the company stock price. Obviously, this company competes not only with those producing similar goods and services, but also with all other companies on the market. Therefore, the influence of the driving CPI on the company's stock price also depends on all other CPIs. To take into account the net change in various market prices, we introduce just one reference CPI best representing the overall dynamics of the changing price environment. Hence, the pricing model has to include at least two defining CPIs. Because of possible time delays between action and reaction (the time needed for any price changes to pass through), the defining CPIs may lead the modeled price or lag behind by a few months.

We have borrowed the time series of monthly closing prices of TXT from, and the relevant (seasonally not adjusted) CPI estimates through February 2014 are published by the BLS. We have found that the evolution of TXT share price is defined by the consumer price index of transportation services (TS) and the index of pets, pet products and services (PETS) from the recreation CPI category. We assume that the index of transport services is the price driver, i.e. the consumer prices of transportation services. It is instructive that Textron Inc. operates Cessna, Bell and Textron Systems, i.e. TXT is directly related to transportation systems. The defining time lags are as follows: the TS index leads the share price by five months, and the PETS index has a 3-month lead. The relevant best-fit model for TXT(t) is as follows:

TXT(t) = -2.78PETS(t-3) - 2.86TS(t-5) + 33.02(t-2000) + 832.91, February 2014

Where TXT(t) is the TXT share price in U.S. dollars, t is calendar time. Figure 1 displays the evolution of both defining indices since 2002. Figure 2 depicts the high and low monthly prices for TXT shares, together with the predicted and measured monthly closing prices (adjusted for dividends and splits). It is worth noting that the predicted curve actually leads the observed one by three months, i.e. the model sees three months ahead.

The model is stable over time. Table 1 lists the best-fit models, i.e. coefficients, b1 and b2, defining CPIs, time lags, the slope of time trend, c and the free term, d, for select models for the period between November 2009 and February 2014. These models all have the same defining CPIs, similar coefficients and time lags - they are practically identical. Therefore, the estimated TXT model is highly reliable over time, and predicts at a three-month horizon. The model residual error is shown in Figure 3. The standard deviation between July 2003 and February 2014 is $4.20.

The model predicts TXT price to rise to $45 in May 2014.

Table 1. Selected best-fit models for the period between November 2009 and February 2014

Month b1 CPI1 lag1 b2 CPI2 lag2 c d
Feb-14 -2.780 PETS 3 -2.860 TS 5 33.018 832.907
Jan -2.795 PETS 3 -2.861 TS 5 33.122 834.553
Dec-13 -2.822 PETS 3 -2.859 TS 5 33.272 836.397
Nov -2.807 PETS 3 -2.854 TS 5 33.156 834.278
Oct -2.814 PETS 3 -2.849 TS 5 33.169 833.976
Sep -2.836 PETS 3 -2.839 TS 5 33.243 834.010
Aug -2.865 PETS 3 -2.826 TS 5 33.341 833.989
Jul -2.877 PETS 3 -2.813 TS 5 33.333 832.626
Mar-12 -3.168 PETS 3 -2.929 TS 7 35.877 880.991
Feb -3.125 PETS 3 -2.750 TS 7 34.582 842.784
Jan -3.216 PETS 3 -2.890 TS 7 35.957 877.784
Dec-11 -3.240 PETS 3 -2.884 TS 7 36.091 878.639
Nov -3.256 PETS 3 -2.877 TS 7 36.159 878.507
Oct -3.274 PETS 3 -2.873 TS 7 36.268 879.271
Sep -3.282 PETS 3 -2.869 TS 7 36.297 879.203
Aug -3.282 PETS 3 -2.869 TS 7 36.297 879.214
Sep-10 -3.165 PETS 3 -3.089 TS 6 36.755 543.958
Aug -3.247 PETS 3 -2.970 TS 6 36.663 525.980
Jul -3.287 PETS 3 -2.909 TS 6 36.603 515.177
Jun -3.307 PETS 3 -2.865 TS 6 36.506 506.284
May -3.273 PETS 3 -2.927 TS 6 36.621 511.072
Apr -3.231 PETS 3 -3.017 TS 6 36.818 519.723
Mar -3.254 PETS 3 -2.972 TS 6 36.728 510.921
Feb -3.280 PETS 3 -2.918 TS 6 36.634 500.730
Jan -3.299 PETS 3 -2.878 TS 6 36.560 492.144
Dec-09 -3.299 PETS 3 -2.845 TS 6 36.421 484.038
Nov -3.299 PETS 3 -2.841 TS 6 36.391 480.557

Figure 1. The evolution of the PETS and TS indices.

Figure 2. Observed and predicted TXT share prices.

Figure 3. The model residual error: stdev=$4.20.

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