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On Gamestop's Fiscal 3Q conference call, COO and Vice Chairman David DeMatteo discusses initial Sony (NYSE:SNE) PS3 and Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) Wii sales, and gaming software sales alongside those new consoles (emphasis added):

... As expected, the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii launches were sell outs. We have been re-supplied with both systems already and expect to get more on a weekly basis. The best selling titles on the PS3 thus far are Resistance: Fall of Man and Madden Football; and in the Wii, it has been Legend of Zelda and Red Steel.

The software tie ratios for the Nintendo Wii have been surprisingly good at 3.0. The software tie ratio for the PS3 has been low at 1.5, which we believe is due to the large percentage of PS3s that are being resold at a huge premium. We are forecasting that the historical norms will prevail as the units end-up in the hands of real gamers.

GME 1-yr chart:


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