SA PRO: Top Long And Short Ideas, Monday April 14

by: SA PRO Editors

Today's Top Ideas

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  1. 1347 Property Insurance Holdings (Long, Contrarian): The market has left PIH for dead after an underwhelming IPO. However, reinsurance specifications suggest the risk/reward is reasonable with 50-100% upside, writes Alpha Gen Capital.
  2. Kodiak Oil And Gas (Long, GARP): KOG's focused drilling inventory and a tighter spending plan set up a nice upside opportunity, says Richard Zeits.

Today’s PRO research (tickers link to new articles)

  1. New coverage: ATRI, CCK, CG, FKWL, PBHC, PCP, STST, UNM, WLT
  2. Ongoing coverage: BOFI, FBIZ, MLAB, NCR, URS, VITC, WTW

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PRO ideas playing out

  1. On March 7, Nassarius Capital recommended Zygo Corporation, arguing that a strong cash balance, increasing margins, and a major hedge fund investment would serve as catalysts for upside going forward. The shares are +26.2% since, as the company was purchased by Ametek on Friday. Read article »
  2. CFA Stephen Simpson called out Argentinian agricultural company Cresud in July, arguing that the stock's discount to fair value more than made up for its country-level risk factors. The stock is +44.8% since. Read article »

SA PRO Editors

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