5 New PowerShares ETFs

 |  Includes: EQWL, PGF, PXMC, PXSC, PYH
by: Roger Nusbaum

Roger Nusbaum submits: In case you missed it PowerShares is listing another batch of ETFs, only five this go around.

  • PowerShares Financial Preferred Portfolio (NYSEARCA:PGF)
  • PowerShares Dynamic Large Cap (PJF)
  • PowerShares Dynamic Mid Cap (PJG)
  • PowerShares Dynamic Small Cap (PJM)
  • PowerShares Value Line Industry Rotation (NYSEARCA:PYH)
The preferred fund is unique for an ETF, but there are CEFs that invest in preferreds. The three dynamic funds are obviously variations on existing themes, and Claymore has an ETF that it calls Sector rotation.