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Below are the Nasdaq 100 companies that are within 10% of the 52-week low. Although the stock price is low on a relative basis, we're still on the lookout for a retest of the March 2009 lows. This could mean that many of these stocks could have much further to go on the downside.

Sym.NamePriceP/EEPSYieldP/B% to Low
GILDGilead Sciences$31.9410.24$3.120.00%4.290.35%
FISVFiserv, Inc.$45.6014.29$3.190.00%2.311.79%
SPLSStaples, Inc.$19.3117.86$1.081.80%2.182.60%
PAYXPaychex, Inc.$25.6719.46$1.324.70%6.833.13%
AMGNAmgen Inc.$52.1711.07$4.710.00%2.293.68%
VRTXVertex Pharma.$32.470-$3.500.00%6.893.90%
ERTSElectronic Arts Inc.$14.790-$2.080.00%1.875.19%
ADBEAdobe Systems$27.3938.47$0.710.00%2.865.31%
FWLTFoster Wheeler$21.527.85$2.740.00%3.285.85%
AMATApplied Materials$12.1938.09$0.322.20%2.296.18%
HOLXHologic, Inc.$14.1225.67$0.550.00%1.356.49%
CACA Inc.$19.0012.9$1.470.80%1.996.74%
SHLDSears Holding$63.2332.69$1.930.00%0.876.79%
YHOOYahoo! Inc.$14.9026.75$0.560.00%1.678.36%
GOOGGoogle Inc.$459.6120.92$21.970.00%4.118.53%
LOGILogitech Intl$14.330$0.000.00%08.81%
EBAYeBay Inc.$20.0910.87$1.850.00%1.959.72%
APOLApollo Group$45.5711.68$3.900.00%4.779.94%

Watch List Notes

Two stocks of particular interest on this week's list are Dentsply International (NASDAQ:XRAY) and Paychex (NASDAQ:PAYX). Both companies are former Dividend Achievers with Dentsply raising their dividend 14 out of the last 15 years and Paychex raising their dividend 20 out the last 21 years. Both companies have above average compounded annual growth rates of their dividends. Of the two companies, Paychex (PAYX) appears to be the best value.
Currently, Paychex is selling slightly below the year 2000 price while Dentsply (XRAY) is selling around the 2005 price. This means that the value component of PAYX is 5 years ahead of XRAY. If the shares of PAYX don't rise soon then they are a likely candidate for buyout. Maybe because the shares of Intuit (NASDAQ:INTU) and PAYX have been on divergent paths since October 2008, Intuit (INTU) might be a great acquirer of PAYX. In either case, XRAY and PAYX would be quality acquisitions for short-term or long term portfolios after considerable research.

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