Rob Black's Tech Stock Report

Includes: COMS, INTC, PALM
by: Rob Black
3Com (COMS) announced that it has agreed to buy Huawei’s entire 49% stake in the Huawei-3Com joint venture (H3C) for $882M. Due to this, we believe there is increased risk to the l-t trajectory of H3C. At this point, strong execution by 3Com is necessary, or the value of H3C could decline. If over the next several months 3Com can negotiate a l-t distribution agreement with Huawei and retain key H3C employees, we might become more optimistic on the stock.

For the first time since the height of the dot-com bubble, Intel's (NASDAQ:INTC) venture-capital arm will reach $1 bln in investments this year.

Apple Computer (OTC:APPL) and Nike (NIKE) plan to introduce a new wireless wristband device that will allow runners to interact with their iPods without constantly fiddling with the players' sweat-slicked Click-Wheel.

Shares of Palm (PALM) fell after the company cut its sales and profit forecasts, citing a delay in introducing the latest version of the wireless Treo e-mail phone in the U.S. Palm had banked on the U.S. introduction of the Treo 750, which runs on Microsoft's operating system, to boost sales this quarter and stave off rivals including Motorola (MOT) and Nokia (NYSE:NOK).

Making the handset work with U.S. networks took longer than planned, the Sunnyvale -based company said. The truth is that Palm "would have missed numbers even if they had shipped that product" because competition levels in this space are just getting increasingly worse each quarter for Palm, and they have not done as good of a job reacting to that as others. Looking into the future the Treo delay "could adversely impact its market share", and with the 2007 apple iphone coming, 2007 might be another tough year for Palm and the Treo.