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I wrote about PowerShares Water Resources Portfolio (NYSEARCA:PHO) last month when I bought my initial position. Since then I have been seeing quite a few news reports which make me want to run out and buy more immediately. Here is a random sample:

Water shortage in Gambia results in lack of functioning toilets.

Low water supply in China portends a rise in global grain costs.

Water shortage worsens in the Phillipines.

Critical water shortage in Pakistan forces people to drink polluted water.

Australian companies cash in on water shortage.

Water shortage in Florida forces agricultural users to reduce consumption 15%.

Petroleum refinery in Kenya shut down due to water shortage.

Water shortage in Dominican Republic leads to violent protests.

In Colorado, where they actually have water courts to resolve disputes over limited supplies, construction of new homes and commerical buildings has been halted in some areas due to lack of water.

Water shortage in South Africa threatens economic growth.

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