What impact will a Chinese currency re-valuation have on your business?

May. 5.05 | About: HQ Sustainable (HQSM)

CEO Norbert Sporns of China-based, tilapia fish exporter, HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (ticker: HQSM.ob) has this to say:

....A revaluation of Chinese currency is not likely to be sudden but a float against a basket of currencies instead of only USD and only on a gradual basis. We are well positioned for such corrections since profits are a reflection of product differentiation unlike our thin margined commodity competitors. Should the currency appreciate they will be wiped out and we will continue for a time at lower margins. Prices should increase since China accounts for 70% of the world's aquaculture. We would have a great position to buy out these former competitors, upgrade their facilities and produce to our differentiated model.

HQSM chart.