Best and Worst Performing DJ U.S. Industry Indexes

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Dow Jones publishes hundreds of US and international indexes. Of the 178 US industry indexes available to us through Reuters, we have measured the ratio of yesterday's index price to its high and low over the past 21 days, 63 days, 126 days and 252 days, to see where each index is in position between its highs and lows.

This chart is ranked for the ten best and ten worst performing industries versus the 21-day (1-month) high.

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Most of the worst are within 4% to 5% of the 21-day high (tires nearly 7% off), but precious metals (predominantly gold and silver mining) are off over 11%. Those doing the best are all virtually at their 21-day highs.

This chart is ranked for the ten best and ten worst performing industries versus the 63-day (3-month) high.

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The worst of this group (consumer electronics) is off about 29% from its 63-day high, and all are at least 15% below the high. The best are again virtually at the 63-day high.

One industry that is doing well by the 21-day high, but still lagging by the 63-day high is the oil and gas services index (proxy OIH). We find that one particularly interesting for observation as the BP well is seemingly under control, and as pressure to resume drilling in the Gulf will surely increase -- both good for oil service companies.

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Yesterday's rally in OIH seems to be driven by the general market move, but this one should also be highly geared to the engineering success of BP and the political process in Washington DC surrounding drilling.

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