Lithium Technology Corporation: Successful Plug-In Conversion

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Lithium Technology Corporation [LTC] (LTHU.PK) and Zytek Systems have successfully converted a Daimler Chrysler Smart ForFour into a demonstration plug-in vehicle. The vehicle has a fuel economy of over 84 mpg and an all-electric range of 20 miles which is considerably better than the range of HEVs currently on the market.

The Li-ion battery, developed by LTC subsidiary GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke, has an output of 288 V, a capacity of 7.5 Ah (or about 2.2 kWh of energy) and a capability to deliver 25 kW of power. The battery can be charged by either the internal combustion engine [ICE] and by regenerative braking or by plugging into a electric outlet.
LTC Smartforfour
The car uses an advanced Battery Management System [BMS] resulting from a combined technology development effort by LTC, Zytek and I+ME. The system is equipped with additional safety features to control the charging of the battery from the mains. The BMS has been designed to communicate with the vehicles’ energy management system to ensure enhanced efficiency and control.

The vehicle utilizes a hybrid power train based on a 68 hp, 1.5 liter, 3-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine coupled with two high-efficiency permanent-magnet electric motors.

The combination of LTC’s advanced battery system and Zytek’s innovative hybrid drive train, demonstrates a positive step forward in plug in hybrid technology that is simply applied to any OEM platform, as the system is scaleable and transportable,” commented Steve Tremble the Zytek’s sales and marketing director.

This car is part of the “Ultra Low Carbon Car Challenge” project that is supported by the Energy Saving Trust. Zytek was awarded £1.8 million by the Energy Saving Trust to develop the PHEV.