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Below is a montage of AT&T (NYSE:T) ads circa 1993.

It isn’t clear whether AT&T actually expected to deliver these innovations. They certainly were beat to market by Cable with the cable modem, and I can’t think of a single application innovation out of the company in the last 16 years.

Keep in mind that in 1993:

  1. AOL was virtually unknown
  2. 14.4k modems were state of the art
  3. The Web Browser had just been invented
  4. Most students at universities didn’t own their own computer
  5. Transmitting audio, let alone video to a consumer over the network was impossible

A remarkably accurate prediction of the future. Too bad their execution didn’t match their (or their ad agency's) vision.

And is that Tom Selleck narrating? Whoa.

Full Disclosure - I am long AT&T.

Source: AT&T: Unfulfilled Innovations Since 1993