Dec 07

Tip on How to Use Your Cell Phone to Get in Shape

CellPhoneRunning Verizon Wireless recently launched a cool new piece of low-cost cell phone software that’ll have you looking at your mobile in a whole different light – namely, as your new personal trainer. The BiM (Bones in Motion) Active Program, downloadable to phones that use Verizon, Sprint of Nextel, for US$9.99 (or just $1.99 to check it out for 24 hours) tracks your progress in running, cycling or walking workouts. With the Runner's World RunTracker, you can sync up with the Internet to record the results and blog about them online, and even share information about routes in other cities. Hey – it got ABC News’ Mike McGuff off the couch and out the door… Check it out:

1. Get Ready – To get started, download the program to your phone and run it. Then, all you’ve got to do is select if you’re running, walking, or cycling. If you are into workout details, you now have the option to enter goals for time, distance, speed, etc. Or, if you're like me, skip it. Hit the 'Go' button.

2. Get Set - As soon as you hit ‘Go’, the program transmits signals to the sky, looking to satellites for GPS coordinates.

3. Go! – Now it’s time to get moving. While you do, the program tracks your time, distance, average speed, the number of calories you're burning, and even changes in elevation. You can see all this data on your phone screen, while you’re on the move. With headphones, the system charts distance audibly, by chiming every quarter mile. Or if you’re listening to tunes from your phone, the program can vibrate to denote distance.

4. The Finish Line – Once you’ve cooled down, the program displays your workout data in various graphs and charts. You can save the recording of your trip (including your GPS-traced path) to compare different workouts. You can also upload the info to your online BiM account, and record your thoughts about it on your BiM exercise blog. Cool runnings!