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Although we have been generally bearish toward LCD display-related companies, we recognize that demand has been very strong. Our concerns have more to do with the capacity being added in the industry, which we think has been more than what was needed to feed the demand. Unfortunately, the signs that demand is cooling continue to build. As DigiTimes reports:

Conservative LCD TV market outlook slows driver IC packaging and testing expansion in 2007

Samsung Electronics recently has lowered its worldwide LCD TV shipment forecast for 2007 to 66 million units from an original 80 million units. DisplaySearch has also indicated in its recent report that growth for LCD TVs in 2007 will slow down, with the first quarter seeing oversupply.

Taiwan’s panel makers AU Optronics (NYSE:AUO) and Chi Mei Optoelectronics have also been said to be cutting output for December due to seasonal effects.

Granted, the demand growth is slowing from torrid to hot. Still, on top of the supply issues, it could make for a potent cocktail.

Source: Slowing Demand Growth in World LCD Market is Worrisome