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Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Thursday August 12.

Bullish Calls:

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC): "Yeah, BMO downgraded... I mean, now he downgrades... now he downgrades! At $19, he downgrades it! It yields 3%. Is it having a great quarter? Probably not. Is it okay to sit there and own a stock like this for a couple of quarters as it gains cash and maybe even raise its dividend? Yes. The answer is yes, and I want to own Intel. Buy, buy, buy... "

Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA): "Okay, I said that the quarter was going to be bad. I said that the stock would go down. I said it was down 45% when I first told you. It was at 10 and a half. I said it was going to go down, and then they'd report a quarter that was going to be bad, and the stock's going to go up. It went down. It reported a quarter that was bad... and, indeed, the stock is going up. Now why is that? Because, when a stock falls 50% already... it has a huge cash position, a great balance sheet, and the right chips, it ain't going to fall much further... which is why you should stick with Nvidia."

Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT): "... everybody's now worried about China. Can I just tell you that the order book in Caterpillar doesn't just go up and down or up and down... like the futures do. You buy Caterpillar and you own Caterpillar. Because it is the greatest manufacturing company in the world. And it prevails. And that's why we like Caterpillar. We're not backing away, because the China market went down, or the futures 1.5%. We don't play like that on this show!"

Tiffany (NYSE:TIF), Coach (NYSE:COH): "If you want, I would be in Tiffany... I would actually be in Coach. I like Coach more than Saks."

CenturyTel (NYSE:CTL), Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN): "I like CenturyTel. It's a good company, but I prefer Windstream, because we had that CEO on the other day and boy, is that yield safe. But the one that you had has an excellent 8% yield, and I'm not going to fight it."

Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK): "We just did the Chesapeake the other day. It's already down a buck and a half. Why don't we just say okay, listen, if we've got to own one, let's just own Chesapeake, because the enterprise value I think is around $28-29 and the stock's at $21. But this group is, right now, in the dog house... and we have to accept that."

Bearish Calls:

Saks (NYSE:SKS): "Nope, nope... doesn't have it. Sell, sell, sell!... It doesn't have it... It should have been blowing the numbers away, because a lot of the higher end stuff is doing really well."

Qwest (NYSE:Q): "No, no... we put a Sell Block... sell, sell, sell!... We said sell Qwest."

CSX Corp (NYSE:CSX), Union Pacific (NYSE:UNP): "Oh, I think CSX is having another great quarter. Now remember, we have to be... I want to be careful here. I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, because everybody knows that I think CSX's Michael Ward is a great CEO. But right now, I like Union Pacific a little better. I think they have more room to run than CSX. No offense to Michael. I think he does a great job."

El Paso (EP): "Oh man, come on man... if we've got to own one, let's just own Chesapeake... But this group is, right now, in the dog house... and we have to accept that."

WellPoint (NYSE:WLP): "Oh... that CEO had the audacity to raise the rates in California, right in front of the Audacity of Hope President that we've got. That was dumb. Wellpoint's the best of the HMOs, but I've got to tell you something. I'm not owning an HMO. When this Congress is a Democrat and the President's a Democrat, I've got to tell you... these things are all going to become charities. I'd rather invest, honestly, in Harvard bonds... maybe some Yale common stock. Hey listen, I'll buy some Cornell stock here."

Best Buy (NYSE:BBY): "Goldman Sachs just downgraded it. Now, this worries me. They had it on the buy list the whole time, and now they've downgraded it. Now we could just say like we did with the BMO guy with Intel... that he's done it too late. I fell like maybe they know something on this BBY. I don't want to own the stock. That is just... that electronics retail business is just too hard. I've seen them all go under or be hurt.... I remember when it was a great company."


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Source: Cramer's Lightning Round - NOW They Downgrade Intel?! (8/12/10)