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Below are the top ten current and former international dividend high fliers (ranked by dividend yield) that trade as ADRs on the New York Stock Exchange. These are companies that have had a history of dividend increases over the last several years in a row. While this list contains the top ten companies, the full list of 40 companies within 20% of the 52-week low can be found here.
SymbolNamePriceP/EEPSYieldP/B% from Low
CRHCRH PLC$19.1716.981.135.50%1.11.29%
CWCOConsolidated Water$9.6821.370.453.00%1.141.79%
SNYSanofi-Aventis SA$28.649.652.973.80%1.132.25%
ALTEAlterra Capital Holdings Ltd$17.654.793.682.60%0.732.26%
ULUnilever PLC$26.6615.371.734.10%4.773.57%
DEGEtablissements Delhaize Freres$66.3010.056.62.00%1.223.74%
UNUnilever NV$27.0215.581.734.00%4.823.84%
PREPartnerRe Ltd.$72.554.7515.282.70%0.784.95%
TEVATeva Pharmaceutical Industries$49.9717.752.821.30%2.356.34%
ESLTElbit Systems Ltd.$52.1000007.42%
Please be sure to calculate the payout ratios before buying these stocks. Payout ratios above 70% are cutting it close if you're not prepared for the potential downside risk. The stock symbols next to the company names take you directly to the history of dividend payments. As always, only buy these stocks if you're willing to accept losing at 50%, otherwise, the risk may outweigh the reward. Thanks again to the author of The Stock Market Advantage for the suggestion on including international stocks.

Watch List Summary

Below are the companies that appeared on our international list for May 30, 2010.

SymbolNameMay 30, 2010August 13, 2010% change
NGGNational Grid$40.54$42.384.54%
RUKReed Elsevier$27.99$33.4219.40%
BPBritish Petroleum$42.95$38.93-9.36%
TMXTelefonos de Mexico$14.07$14.835.40%
TOTTotal S.A.$46.63$49.766.71%
BTIBritish American Tobacco$58.55$70.3620.17%
STDBanco Santander$10.15$12.0718.92%
Average gain11.81%
Double digit gains were pronounced for this group except the usual suspect BP along with Total, Telefonos de Mexico and National Grid. The previous list was ranked by dividend yield instead of those closest to the new low. However, all companies on the May 30th list were all within 10% of their respective 52%-week low.

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