Euro Flirts With 10-Month Uptrend

Includes: FXE
by: Marc Chandler


Key issue is whether this is a technical correction or a fundamental reversal in the euro.

It is toying with a 10-month uptrend.

We suspect the technical correction is not over.

This Great Graphic, composed on Bloomberg shows that the euro is now testing a ten-month up trend that comes in near $1.3780 today. We suggested this target yesterday when we realized the euro was posting a key reversal.

A break of there, and there is scope for another cent retreat (~$1.3675) as the late longs move to the sideline. The next immediate target, though may be the 100-day moving average near $1.3740.

We note that the 200-day average is near $1.3620. If the 10-month uptrend itself is going to be corrected, the 38.2% retracement comes in near $1.3520.

The key issue for traders is whether the uptrend has reversed or if this is a correction. It appears to be a correction at this juncture, even though the correction does not appear to be over.

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