Reverse Split Should Catalyze Nortel's Turnaround

Dec.10.06 | About: Nortel Networks (NT)

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Nortel's Stronger Signal by Mark Veverka

Highlighted companies: Nortel Networks Corp. (NT), Alcatel-Lucent ADR (ALU)
Summary: Despite CEO Mike Zafirovski's exuberance, Nortel Networks Corp. (NT) shares have moved little in the last three years, and are down more than 25% in 2006. But the company, with a market value of $9.7b, may be reaching a turning point that's escaping Wall Street due to its Nortel Chart 1 10 12 06tendency to underdetail its plans. Zafirovski's moves: 1) Settling $2b of litigation, 2) Recruiting 7 new direct reports and reducing management layers, 3) Restructuring pensions, 4) Renegotiating contracts with manufacturers on better terms -- moves Barron's terms "not glamorous but essential." Last week's reverse 10-1 stock split puts shares at $22.30, bringing them back under the radar of institutional funds. Operating margins, now at 1%, should hit 13% within five years. Also boosting shares this week was the closing of its radio-access UMTS branch sale to Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) for $320m -- analysts say the move will boost margins and earnings in 2007. Charter Equity analyst Ed Snyder says earnings next year could reach $2, and shares $30. Barron's: Bigger gains may follow.
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