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Some key developments for eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) watchers:

Skype Leads the Evolving VOIP Industry

AuctionBytes highlights some impressive statistics coming out of PC Pitstop showing that Skype is far and away the most popular VOIP application. Combine this with statistics mentioned at SkypeJournal from TeleGeography showing Skype's incredibly fast-growing share of international minutes and you can imagine how disruptive this technology could be in the short term. The losers? Established telcos and, in some cases, governments. Case in point, just this week we have heard several industry experts predicting Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) will abandon its voice product yielding to pressure from telcos. And similarly, we have heard of the possibility of India banning services like Skype altogether.

Craigslist Dismisses Integrating PayPal

Given eBay's 25% stake in Craigslist, it would seem likely that PayPal would eventually feature as an integrated payment option on the classifieds site. However, at the UBS Media & Communications conference hosted yesterday, CEO Jim Buckmaster dismissed such plans. He said integrating PayPal didn't make sense "because most Craigslist transactions are local and face-to-face, unlike on eBay."

Jim Cramer Comments on eBay Again

Controversial Cramer is at it again, calling eBay "cheap" and "a steal." In Thursday's edition of Mad Money, Cramer told viewers that at $31 and change, the time has come to buy eBay. He said the stock price reflects "all of the problems the company has but none of the positives."

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Source: eBay Watch: Skype Leads VOIP Industry, Craigslist Dismisses Integrating PayPal and More