InvenSense IPO Preview

| About: InvenSense (INVN)

We decided to take our preliminary preview on the InvenSense IPO (NYSE:INVN) and turn it into a screencast rather than a document. Part of this is to experiment with a new medium that seems more modern than the typical PDF files we tend to create. It’s also early in our research process for this name. Even though we’ve completed a preliminary IV for the shares it seems premature to bake it all into a PDF.

So what follows is a 9 minute screencast summary of the space, the company, the competition and Intrinsic Valuation.

We’d love to get some feedback on this. Sorry if we exhaust our bandwidth allocation on this. We will increase our capacity in time.

If this video doesn’t appear or won’t play please click here: InvenSense IPO Preliminary

Disclosure: none