Global Factors Boosting Biotech Today

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Plunkett Research provides a ready-reference guide to the Biotechnology and Genetics Industry in 2011 in this complimentary download from the Alacra Store. Trends analyzed range from the convergence of nanotechnology and biotechnology, to the evolution of breakthrough new drug delivery systems, to the abounding ethical issues connected with biotech. Topics include: biotechnology funding and investments, FDA, gene therapies, personalized medicine, systems biology, clinical trials, stem cells, therapeutic cloning, nanotechnology, agricultural biotechnology (GM seeds), drug delivery systems and ethical issues.

Plunkett cites the following global factors boosting biotech today:

  1. A rapid aging of the population base of nations in the E.U., as well as Japan and the U.S., including the 76 million surviving Baby Boomers in America who are entering senior years in rising numbers and needing a growing level of health care.
  2. A renewed, global focus on developing effective vaccines.
  3. Vast research investments by major pharmaceuticals firms.
  4. A growing global dependence on genetically engineered agricultural seeds (“Agribio”), with farmers in 25 nations planting at least some genetically modified seeds as of 2010.
  5. Aggressive investment in biotechnology research in Singapore, China and India, often with government sponsorship—for example, Singapore’s massive Biopolis project.
  6. A government-subsidized emphasis on renewable energy such as bioethanol and other biofuels as substitutes for petroleum.
  7. Promising research into synthetic biology.
  8. Continuing computer-related progress in biotech areas such as gene sequencing.

Plunkett also mentions several “companies to watch,” including Piramal Healthcare, Ranbaxy Laboratories, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories andStemCells (STEM).