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Stocks discussed on Jim Cramer's Stop Trading! TV Segment, Wednesday August 25.

Costco (NASDAQ:COST), Kohl's (NYSE:KSS), Eldorado (NYSE:EGO), Wyndham (NYSE:WYN), Exelon (NYSE:EXC)

Rumors of the death of the consumer are greatly exaggerated; retail stocks are going up, led by Costco (COST), Kohl's (KSS) and Best Buy (NYSE:BBY). The picture seems to be mixed; consumers are out shopping, but not as much as we would like. In any case, retail is "not horrible."

On recent weakness, Cramer would be a buyer of gold, particularly Eldorado (EGO) and dividend stocks, such as Wyndham (WYN) and Exelon (EXC).

Finally, Cramer reiterated his complaint that the White House should be more pro-active in dealing with the economy; "Guys, come on. Don’t be this tone deaf. Step out of Washington and realize what’s happening in this country.”


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Source: Cramer's Stop Trading! Retail Is Not Horrible (8/25/10)