I Want My Salesforce.com

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Aside from the David Hasselhoff roast, this might be the funniest two minutes of video I've seen in the past six months.

It is especially ironic because (a) in my personal life I've tried to short Salesforce.com (NYSE:CRM) over the past decade [not in the past few years] due to valuation and always lost, and (b) I currently am long the name and have it placed in the "valuation does not matter" wing of the portfolio, where of course it is doing great... despite a nonsense valuation!

Speaking of which, in the summer 2008 I highlighted CRM in [Jul 2, 2008: Does Valuation Matter?] Oh dear irony. (Click to enlarge)

note 1: readers over age 40, please ask anyone under age 40 what OMG means.
note 2: readers under age 40, please ask anyone over age 40 what classic MTV video this video spoofs

Seriously, watch it!

Disclosure: Long Salesforce.com in fund, no personal position

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