Clearwire Targets Generation Y in New Service Plan

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Generation Y, the youth of the nation, have always been targeted as main consumers and for good reason. We are young, ignorant, and don’t keep our wallets pinched shut. We are more likely than our parents to spend money on the latest technological fads, even with arbitraryphone companies creating TV commercials for the benefit of those under the ancient age of “parenting.” Like, seriously, who uses Cingular anymore? Idk, not my BFF Jill. LOL.

All kidding aside, there is a method to the madness of quirky marketing executives. There is significant money to be made from those that fall within the criteria for Generation Y- born between the mid-1970s to early 2000s. A recent report from the Financial Brand came out discussing the market research statistics of Generation Y, and it paints an entirely different picture than the one the media depicts of our recession. A majority of Generation Yers wouldn’t consider their situation to be “bad”, more than 60% of them don’t think that their financial situation has worsened and 89% of them don’t think that they will be worse off than their parents. That makes them the ideal customer in this unsteady economy.

Clearwire (CLWR), a WiMAX company, has finally come to terms with their customer base. Most middle-aged people wouldn’t know the first thing about 4G, not that there is anything wrong with that, of course. They are content with the Internet connection that they pay a little bit extra for with their cable service. And it works quite well for most purposes, believe it or not. So, why should they switch now and disturb the relationship they have with their current provider? A few seconds extra spent surfing the web isn’t worth it. These people understand the value of life, not the substitute used these days in terms of social connections found online.

The current generation, however, is much different. We find friends in other countries with just a few clicks. We need to watch that video NOW. G-d forbid we don’t see overnight Internet celebrity Antoine Dodson’s infamous rant within the next minute. We live in the 21st century and we are entitled, aren’t we? The word buffering will soon be just as foreign as music sharing program Napster.

Clearwire has found a way to put money into this sorry phenomenon. They have done research and marketed this group of obnoxious young adults. Clear understands how this newer generation, like most immature individuals, is scared of the word commitment. They get married later, and Clear is sensitive to their lack of responsibility. That’s why, in a press release issued yesterday, they came out with a new product that is “pay-as-you-go 4G mobile broadband service for tech-savvy Gen Y customers.” Yes, this new Rover is “designed for digitally addicted youth who refuse to settle for long-term contracts, overpriced Internet service, or speeds slower than what they've become accustomed to at home.”

It may turn out to be a great product; but please, stop talking down to us. This is slightly embarrassing; especially when Clear mentions that “devices signify status.” Vanity isn’t a trait especially designated to any age group; that affects individuals on all ends of the age spectrum. If you’re going to target us as your typical customer, a little respect would be nice. K? Thnx :)

Disclosure: Author is long CLWR