Regal Entertainment's (RGC) Co-CEO steps down; will be CEO of recently announced advertising JV

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As asumed in an earlier post, Kurt Hall resigned from his position as Co-CEO of Regal Entertainment (ticker: RGC) to become CEO of Regal Cinemedia, a joint venture with AMC Entertainment.

Here are some details from the SEC filing:

In connection with the joint venture transaction that closed on March 29, 2005, it is contemplated that Kurt Hall will resign from Regal Entertainment Group’s Board of Directors and as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Regal Entertainment Group effective as of the end of the transition period.

The Operating Agreement provides that the Board of Directors of
National CineMedia will consist of seven members including three directors
designated by NCN, three directors designated by RCH, and Kurt Hall until the
expiration of a transition period and thereafter the seventh director will be
the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of National CineMedia.  The Operating
Agreement also provides that all actions of National CineMedia's Board of
Directors require the vote of six directors.