Latest Promo: Buy A House, Get A Gun!

by: Barry Ritholtz

Subzero Refrigerators, Granite Counter tops, BMWs, Property Taxes paid for a year: There's been no end to the promotional giveaways that builders and agents have come up with to help move inventory.

We thought we had seen it all -- until today's special promotion caught our eye:

Real estate agent gives guns to homebuyers
A Texas real estate agent looking to add more bang to her business is offering clients in law enforcement a free Glock pistol if they buy a home from her.

Julie Upton, a Houston-area real estate agent, spurned traditional buyer incentives like free gasoline cards or home improvement store gift certificates. Instead, she placed an advertisement offering a pistol with the purchase of any home worth at least $150,000 in the city police department's monthly publication, "Badge & Gun."

The free guns are only for those in law enforcement, said Upton, who is married to a police officer.

Of course, it is in Texas! File this one under: "Well, at least they are trying!"