ETFs With Rapid Sales Growth at Reasonable Multiples

by: Michael Krause

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Every investor likes to see rapid sales growth in the companies he or she owns, but when simply screening for stocks--or, in our case, ETFs--with the fastest sales growth, one ends up with a list of early-stage, mostly alternative energy and biotech funds, with little or any profits.

While these may have a place in investors' portfolios, they nonetheless require a leap of faith. So instead we screened our universe for the funds with the fastest sales growth that also have a P/E ratio of 15x 2010E EPS or less, indicating sales that have already translated into sizable profits, and providing a basis for analysis as an investment.

Several China-related ETFs made the list and all had decent though not spectacular ALTAR Scores. However only one alternative-energy fund made the list; it is the subject of this week's Fund Focus (shown in the ETF Spotlight newsletter).

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Figure: ETFs with fastest sales growth and P/E less than 15x*

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Source: AltaVista Research

*Note: ETFs with the fastest compound sales growth through 2010E for underlying firms, where P/E ratio on 2010E EPS is also less than 15.0X.

Table: Ticker, Name & ALTAR Score(TM) of ETFs in chart of the week

Ticker Name ALTAR Score™
KWT Market Vectors Solar Energy 7.8%
PQZ PowerShares Active Alpha Multi-Cap 7.4%
EMIF iShares S&P Emerging Markets Infrastructure 5.5%
FNI First Trust ISE Chindia 7.1%
CHIX GlobalX China Financials 8.6%
CHII GlobalX China Industrials 7.1%
MES Market Vectors Gulf States 14.7%
YAO Claymore/AlphaShares China All-Cap 7.0%
GXC SPDR S&P China ETF 7.0%
EWT iShares MSCI Taiwan 6.4%
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*Note: The ALTAR Score(TM) is our rating of an ETFs overall investment merit.

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