Week Three: The Dogs Of The Dow

Includes: GE, JPM, T, VZ
by: Alligator Investor

Last week the Dow rose to new all-time highs on bullish news and all of the Dog candidates except GM rallied. GE and T raised their dividends. Other than higher prices and lower yields, the only change to the list of Dog candidates was that GE rose to ninth place in the yield ranking and JPM fell to tenth place.

The yield on the 10-year Treasury rose to 4.59. Last week VZ was appealing because it was yielding more than the 10-year bond, but that edge is now gone. We still have two weeks until the official Dogs purchase date, and a lot can happen in two weeks, but unless something changes I may not be adding to my positions in these stocks this year. GE was looking mildly interesting at 35, but not at 37.36.

Dow Investment Week 3

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