Seeking Alpha Celebrates 2MM Real-Time Alerts Subscribers!

by: Avrom Gilbert


We’re excited to share a big milestone with you.

2 million Seeking Alpha members have signed up for email alerts or app notifications.

We have the largest and highest quality community for sharing and discussing investing insights.

Dear Seeking Alpha community,

We're excited to share a milestone with you today: 2 million real-time users of Seeking Alpha!

There are now 2 million of you (including more than 100,000 financial professionals) who receive real-time alerts - email alerts or mobile app notifications - from Seeking Alpha on the stocks you follow. Collectively, you have subscribed to an incredible 33,000,000 tickers, and are adding more than 60,000 tickers every day.

The fact that so many users trust Seeking Alpha with access to their inbox and mobile devices speaks volumes about the quality of the investment insight shared by our community, and has seriously impacted our community's sphere of influence. For contributing authors, it means their investment thesis on a company is instantly broadcast to a large and focused audience which tracks that stock. Whether it's a large cap stock with 100,000+ alert subscribers, such as Amazon and Intel, or whether it's a small- or mid-cap company (we have more than 3,500 small- and mid-caps with >500 subscribers), there's no other community with that kind of reach.

If you have never before written on Seeking Alpha and have an investing idea or insight on a stock which you would like to share with the Seeking Alpha community - you can submit an article here or a shorter StockTalk here.

For readers, our alerts provide you with breaking news and analysis on ALL the stocks you follow, from the well-known to the obscure. By building out such a broadly used service we hope we've played a part in leveling the playing field for all serious investors. Market-moving news and opinion previously available only to financial professionals is now broadcast to all Seeking Alpha users in real-time, for free. You no longer need to search around for useful information on your stocks, we bring it straight to you. And once published, articles and breaking news become the anchor for the smartest discussion on the web (community members write more than 140,000 comments every month).

We're pretty sure there's no larger or higher-quality investing community anywhere; thank you for making Seeking Alpha the top destination for U.S. stock market investors!

Coming soon: real-time alerts on your favorite authors. Stay-tuned...

For those of you not yet signed up for real-time alerts, you can register for email alerts here or download our mobile app here. It only takes a few seconds!

To help us celebrate this milestone, please share in the comments section below your favorite real-time alert story - when have our alerts saved you money or helped you make a smarter investing decision? The five most-liked comments will get special-edition Seeking Alpha baseball hats.

I look forward to sharing further exciting developments with you in the future.

Avrom Gilbert

COO, Seeking Alpha