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We were the first to point out that the price-fixing investigation aimed at LCD panel makers seemed a bit silly. And at least one firm is using our point as a defense, even at the expense of looking a bit inept. Plummeting prices all but prove the industry has not gotten together to reap excess profit. If anything, the industry needs to cut back production to get supply back in balance with demand. However, Goldman Sachs points out that the investigation may hinder them from doing so.

Investment firm doubts in feasibility of production cut plans for panel makers, report says

Panel makers may hesitate over their production cut plans in the first half of next year, as they will face a long-term investigation from justice departments in various countries, according to investment firm Goldman Sachs, as quoted by the Chinese-language Commercial Times. The hesitations may negatively impact the possibility for panel prices to rebound, the investment firm added, according to the paper.

An excellent point.

Source: Flat Panel Makers To Avoid Production Cuts Amidst Investigation?