Cramer's Lightning Round - The Single-Most Asked About Stock (9/21/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Tuesday September 21.

Bullish Calls:

Devon (NYSE:DVN), Inergy LP (NRGY), Chesapeake (NYSE:CHK): "Yes, yes! I am willing to have a distribution company and a natural gas company. Now remember, natural gas... flirting with $4... The one I really like is Chesapeake...It's really incredible how that industry gets beat up. But yeah, I'll endorse both of those."

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT): "I like Abbott... it's got medical device, it's yield... and it's got drugs."

NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP), EMC (EMC), VMware (NYSE:VMW): "Making money hand over fist! That is absolutely the best storage play, other than EMC and VMware. I say you stick with that one... buy, buy, buy! That is a great stock."

Bearish Calls:

JDS Uniphase (JDSU): "It has been red-hot... When I go to my Twitter... this is the single-most asked about stock. I have been behind it a long time but, you know, it went down to $10. It's back to $12. I'm not getting behind it again now. There are too many people who are in it for hot money. I say let's ring the register... sell, sell, sell... we've made enough money. We'll visit it after the quarter, which has been a continual disappointment in my eyes."

Petroleo Brasileiro (NYSE:PBR): "Look, I think it's real good... But remember, they're doing this giant equity offering. You know what? I like other oils that are from America. I think it's a great long-term situation, but it is heavy right here. And I also have to tell you... I mean, I like yield... I like yield... and Petrobras doesn't have it; it doesn't have the kind of yield that I want."

Mindray Medical International (NYSE:MR): "You know what? If I'm going to do medical devices, we've got to have more going for it than that...This stock... I've got to tell you... is not one of my favorites. I have no particular engine there. Don't buy, don't buy... We'll do some work on it but I've got to tell you... There's really not anything exciting about this. It's already had a run."


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