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  • Investors in PRLB made 25% in a very short amount of time. Congratulations to all.
  • I have reanalyzed the company as of today and am reevaluating my call to a SELL at $78.34. The company has reached intrinsic value.
  • As of now, I myself have liquidated all shares of PRLB in my portfolio.

My last article on Proto Labs Inc. (NYSE:PRLB) described the significant upside potential available to those who choose to invest in this undervalued company.

That was at $62.68. PRLB is now at $78.34 only a very short time later.

Although we have not reached my previous price target, I have reanalyzed the fundamentals of the company and will be reevaluating my call to a SELL as of now.

My updated analysis of the company reveals that at its current price of $78.34, it is now at intrinsic value.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to indicate that I liquidated all shares of PRLB in my portfolio at $78.34. I congratulate those who chose to invest in PRLB at $62.68. We have made 25% ROI in a very short amount of time.

What Changed?

From a microeconomic perspective, not much.

PRLB still stands as an extraordinary company, with outstanding results. The company is obviously run by a highly competent management. However, we must be clear to distinguish between a great company and a great investment.

Having recently updated my calculations for macroeconomic risk factors and having applied these new metrics to PRLB, its current price of $78.34 is directly at intrinsic value. As such, I suggest taking profits immediately.

Source: 25% Profit Reached - Sell Proto Labs And Take Profit