Dec 26

(Another) Tip on Comparison Shopping Engines

MyTrigger A short while ago we gave some Tips on Comparison Shopping Engines. We since discovered another gem that’s worth listing on its own. It’s called, and it’s the brainchild of Glenn S. Meyers, founder and former CEO of RareMedium Group, a leading Web development and Web incubator company that built some of the first Web sites for companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, P&G, Viacom, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Time Warner. Here’s what makes this new comparison shopping Beta, which was launched just in time for Black Friday, entirely unique:

1. Persistent Search – The site offers the industry’s only “persistent search” feature. Here’s how it works: you enter the specific item you’re looking for – under the category of electronics, video games, DVDs, music, books, software, home and garden, or toys - along with your maximum price. You can add as many items and price targets to your “trigger” list as you like, and forget about it. MyTriggers will continually search for your requests until it locates the items at the desired prices. The site then alerts you immediately via email, RSS feed, or even a text message to your cell phone -- 24/7.

2. No Ads and No Click Revenues - myTriggers' “cost per action” compensation model means merchants only pay for sales, not clicks or tire-kickers. That's why unlike other engines with a PPC model who plaster their pages with text ads, paid placements and other clickable clutter, myTriggers uses a clean interface with no ads and connects the consumer to the seller as quickly as possible. myTriggers finds merchandise - not ads - and gives blazingly fast and accurate results because it is connected directly to thousands of merchants rather than to Web bots or spiders, ensuring real-time pricing on in-stock items.

3. Daily Coupons – Every day, the site lists the top four coupons on special daily deals.