Tudor Sells Completely Out of Renewable Energy Holdings

Sep.29.10 | About: Renewable Energy (REEHF)

Just yesterday, we highlighted that Paul Tudor Jones' hedge fund had reduced its position in Renewable Energy Holdings (OTC:REEHF)[LON:REH] to a 3.99% ownership stake in the company. They've just filed another regulatory disclosure which reveals that the hedge fund sold completely out of REH and now own 0 shares due to trading on September 24th, 2010.

What's interesting here is that Weiss Asset Management (the investment manager to Brookdale International and Brookdale Global), have just acquired a 6.5% holding in Renewable Energy Holdings due to trading on the exact same day. So, it's somewhat likely that Tudor was essentially selling to Weiss.

Taken from Google Finance:

Renewable Energy Holdings is a United Kingdom-based renewable energy company. It owns and operates the European on-shore windfarms, the Kesfeld and Kirf Windfarms in Germany and the Gwynt Cymru Landfill Gas site in Wales. The Company operates in five segments: head office, CETO development, German windfarms, polish windfarms and landfill gas.

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