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A number of key developments to note for eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) watchers:

US Holiday Shopping Hits $20.65 Billion

ComScore Networks has revealed that holiday online spending reached $20.65 billion as of Monday night, a full 25% growth Y/Y. This is up from previous estimates because this past weekend saw a surge of shopping procrastinators lured with extended shipping guarantees.

Is PayPal China Next?

The now-famous China leak that revealed details of the eBay JV in China also mentioned a proposed JV for PayPal. However, during a Tom Online press conference, Meg Whitman classified it as a possibility but did not seem to characterize it as imminent.

"US auction company eBay Inc may partner its PayPal online payments service with a local Chinese entity should it be required by local regulations," Whitman said.

Unwanted Gifts Sold On EBay

It seems obvious to me and, in fact, I have done it myself in the past. You receive a gift from work, in-laws, friends that while valuable, is really not something you want. You can either store it away to accumulate dust, give it to someone else, or sell it on EBAY. According to a survey by EBAY, the trend towrds selling unwanted gifts is on the rise.

The survey reveals some interesting statistics. First, more than 57% of us will receive at least one unwanted gift. Second, 69% percent of us think re-gifting is socially acceptable. Third, 34% of us actually plan to rid oursleves of unwanted gifts this year. Finally, 14% of us will actually get rid of unwanted gifts on EBAY.

If this survey is accurate and assuming a US population of 300 million, does this mean that 42 million additional items are coming EBAY's way in January?

Source: eBay Watch: Holiday Online Shopping Spending and More