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For Part 2 of our 2007 Financial Blogger Outlook (part 1 available here), we highlight the individual stock picks of our participants. In addition to asking each blogger for their own recommendations, we asked six more stock specific questions:

-Where will GOOG close at the end of 2007?

-Where will BRK.A close at the end of 2007?

-Which stock will perform better: MSFT or AAPL, DELL or HPQ, AMD or INTC, and NMX or CME?

The expected change in 2007 for GOOG based on our survey is 7.60% ($498 price target), and the average change for Berkshire (NYSE:BRK.A) is -0.85% ($112,488 price target).

In our head to head competitions, AAPL is expected to perform better than MSFT, DELL edges out HPQ, INTC beats AMD, and CME beats NMX. Please see the table below for individual answers. As always, we thank all of our participants for contributing. Check back soon for Part 3 of our Outlook for economic, oil, and home price expectations in 2007.

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2007 outlook stock picks

Source: Ticker Sense's 2007 Financial Blogger Outlook (Part 2): Stock Picks