Ticker Sense's 2007 Financial Blogger Outlook (Part 3): Macro Issues

 |  Includes: DBV, GLD, IAU, SPY, USO
by: TickerSense

For Part 3 of our 2007 Financial Blogger Outlook (part 1 and part 2 of series), we asked participants for their thoughts on various economic topics. Sixty-two percent of those surveyed believe that there will NOT be a recession in the US in 2007. The average estimate for the price of oil at year-end 2007 is $67 -- $4 higher than the current price.

Bloggers are considerably more bearish on the housing market and the US dollar than they are bullish. However, the outlook for US Treasuries in 2007 is positive, which would be a big plus for the housing market. Please see the charts and tables below for more details on the blogger outlook. And be sure to check out the blogs of our participants by clicking on their links at the bottom of the page. We'll have one more post with a couple other off-hand topics to finish off our survey later in the week.

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