Why Ending The USA Export Import Bank Is Bad For The Economy

by: Steven Hansen


Exports are becoming a significant portion of the economy.

There is a new Congressional leader who wants to end the USA Export Import Bank.

It is important to understand the dynamics of export financing.

I have been entertained this past week by a series of posts on trade - but frightened by unenlightened thoughts expressed by a new Congressional leader.

Before looking at any of these posts, we should look at the REAL trade statistics - and how important exports are to the USA economy. The graph below shows the FRACTION (not percentage) of exports to GDP. Note that exports are growing and becoming a significant portion of the economy (almost 13% of GDP).

You might be surprised that exports are such a large component of the economy. This is because most analyze the trade deficit - and therefore lose sight of the movements of imports and exports. Now let us read four posts:

International trade is not played on a level playing field. Not only do governments game their exchange rates, but they also game export prices, tax refunds for exports, bribe the potential buyers - and offer government supplied and discounted export financing.

If you are an American company, try to hock your goods without good financing when the guy next to you is bringing the weight of his governments export-import bank (exim) to the table. I have personally gone up against this phenomenon, and the results are not pretty if you do cannot offer exim financing.

Now think about the effect on American business without exim financing. Exim offers discounted loans - something the private sector cannot do. Yes, it is not fair that primary beneficiary of exim is the big boys in business - but life is not fair, and then you die.

If the USA gives up exim financing - it forces the Boeings of this world to manufacture in countries that will support them in providing export financing. Killing the USA Exim Bank is akin to killing the golden goose. And one final point - export financing (as well as project financing) is a component of foreign policy - not only to stimulate trade but to extend influence. Talk of killing USA Exim financing comes at a time when China is doing the opposite.

Do some politicians have a death wish for the economy?

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