GoPro IPO Worth The Hype?

| About: GoPro (GPRO)


GoPro has formed a niche following within the action camera market.

GoPro has some fad like tendencies, but growth is likely sustainable for the next two years.

IPO performance not historically strong after first trading day, so patience before entry is warranted.

While the US economy as a whole continues to flounder, there are still some of corners of the market that provide real growth opportunities. One of these is global action camera market, which is led by GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO). Its IPO was recently launched this past Thursday with an enthusiastic response. GoPro produces the Hero HD Camera which has created a whole new way to record first person action shots. The GoPro is durable, waterproof (with casing), and captures quality images at high frame rates which makes it suitable to film while surfing, snowboarding, scuba diving, river rafting, and other action type sports.

Unlike many other tech IPOs during the current craze, GoPro produces a real profit and is already substantively profitable. GoPro controls the action camera market which is growing at a rate of over 67% per year.

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