Cramer's Lightning Round - Hold Arm Holdings (10/13/10)

by: Miriam Metzinger

Stocks discussed on the lightning round session of Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV Program, Wednesday October 13.

Bullish Calls:

Arm Holdings (NASDAQ:ARMH), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ:SWKS): "Yes you do (continue to hold it). It's one of my attenuated Apple plays, along with Skyworks Solutions, which is hitting a 52-week high... I think Arm Holdings is the reason why Intel is stuck here. I like Arm Holdings, and you'd better believe that I think that Apple is the best game in town."

Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE:ETP), Inergy LP (NRGY): "Now if I want pipeline and transport... and this stock has run tremendously... I'm going to send you to Energy Transfer Partners... Or I would also prefer Inergy LP. ETP yields 7.23%, and I think that yield is safe. ETP is a better name."

Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT): "I prefer Abbott Laboratories. Better growth, better balance sheet, better management."

Johnson Controls (NYSE:JCI): "May I point you toward Johnson Controls A big meeting yesterday. Three firms squawked about it today. I think it goes much higher."

Bearish Calls:

El Paso (EP): "Well, that's precisely why I don't want to buy it (i.e., how low natural gas prices will affect the company). Now if I want pipeline and transport... and this stock has run tremendously..."

Saks (NYSE:SKS): "Look, if you're in it for a takeover, I definitely want you to take profits. I do not think there will be one. As it is, on an earning's basis, it is now overvalued versus its fundamentals... So, if you're owning it, and you think it's going to get a takeover bid, I say forget about it. It's not going to happen. I think the stock is $2 ahead of itself. It's got a decent earnings profile, not great."

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ): "I think Johnson & Johnson should be sold... sell, sell, sell!" .

Tenneco (NYSE:TEN): "It's had too much of a run."


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