Update: Barrick Partners With Ma'aden To Develop Its Jabal Sayid Copper Project In Saudi Arabia

Jul.13.14 | About: Barrick Gold (ABX)


Barrick Gold is selling half of its Jabal Sayid Copper Project in Saudi Arabia to Ma'aden--a company with expertise in the region.

While I have been negative on the company given its over-emphasis on copper, I think this is an excellent move.

It is not enough to get me behind the company, but it is a step in the right direction and evidence that Jamie Sokalsky can turn Barrick around.

Barrick Gold (NYSE:ABX) recently announced that it is forming a joint venture for its Jabal Sayid Copper Project in Saudi Arabia. In exchange for $210 million, Ma'aden acquires 50% of the Jabal Sayid JV corporation. Barrick has had trouble meeting Saudi Arabian regulatory requirements, and Ma'aden has expertise in operating mines in Saudi Arabia so the deal makes perfect sense.

I have written a few negative pieces on Barrick, with this being the most recent. Generally I have criticized the company for the following:

  • Too much debt.
  • A lousy history of capital management.
  • An over-emphasis on copper.
  • Disregard for geo-political risk.
  • A lack of growth.

This deal is a step in the right direction, albeit a small one, with respect to three, or perhaps four of these criticisms. First, by raising $210 million in capital the company can strengthen its balance sheet, although keep in mind that $210 million is virtually negligible with respect to a $13.2 billion debt load. Second, this is good capital management. Third, this divests part of a copper asset. Fourth, it divests an asset in a risky jurisdiction.

So basically I think this is a great deal. But before I get behind the company, I want to see something more drastic, especially with respect to the first, third and fifth points. The company still has way too much debt and too much copper exposure for a gold company, keeping in mind that people invest in gold companies primarily for safety. It also may have some growth in the pipeline, but a project such as Donlin is years away from production, and Pascua Lama has been a disaster with environmental issues and ever rising capital costs. Given these points investors should continue to stay away and look towards other opportunities in the space.

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